That’s why we’re waiving drop ship fees for select orders:

+ Offer good for new event orders of $4,000 [c] or more

+ No drop ship fee per location, up to 100 locations

+ Offer good on qualifying orders for Leed's, Bullet, Trimark and JournalBooks

+ Want to add a special note or letter to your gift? We’ll do that at no extra charge, too.*

Have a project in mind? Contact your rep to get started. In the meantime, head to for a look at all our new products and sales tools.



3 Ways To Make Drop Shipments Work For You

1.) Make sure employees have everything they need to work from home with our top picks for home office.

2.) Show all your employees the extra effort and cooperation is appreciated with items like these.

3.) Let customers know you’re thinking about them – and build loyalty – with an unexpected gift.


*Limit to one third-party insertion per order and available for Leed’s, Bullet and select Trimark orders (where Trimark is inserted with Leed’s products). Not applicable to Trimark-only orders.