Whether it’s for the holiday season, employees working remotely or people participating in virtual events from home, drop shipments are an easy way to deliver gifts straight to their doorstep.

Here’s how the promotion works:

+ Each drop shipment (i.e., each box in the order) must include products that total at least $55[a] based on 1st column quantity to qualify for the free drop-ship offer. That $55[a] minimum can be met by a single product or a combination.

+ Regular drop ship fee is $5[A] per box.

+ Cost only includes total cost of products in an individual drop shipment, including first-location run charge. It does not include setup fees or additional decoration and / or rush-shipping costs.

+ Offer applies to orders shipping to locations within Canada. 

+ Offer applies to orders fulfilled in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

+ Offer does not apply to orders below MOQ.

+ Want to add a special note or letter to your gift? We’ll do that at no extra charge, too.*

Have a project in mind? Contact your rep to get started. In the meantime, head to PCNA.com for a look at all our new products and sales tools.



3 Ways To Make Drop Shipments Work For You

1. Make sure employees have what they need to work from home with our top picks for home office. 

2. Show all employees the extra effort and cooperation is appreciated with items like these. 

3. Let customers know you're thinking about them - and build loyalty - with an unexpected gift.